Renovation, construction and retrofit

Retrofitting or "deep retrofitting" is a whole house approach to ensure your comfort and heat levels are achieved.

Walls, windows, heating systems, ventilation, floors and attics are the main focus areas to be improved.

You may be happy where you live and and with your neighbours you have come to know and rely on. You may be wary of moving from your existing home.

That said, many homes were built in an age before modern insulation and heating systems.

The solution here is a retrofit. Improving your property up to a more comfortable current standard. B. Donaghey & Sons Ltd have achieved an "A1" rating on 30% of their recent deep retrofit and construction projects.

The SEAI are still funding most retrofit measures to some degree and you can chat to us about grants or with the SEAI directly.
People in a warm house
External wall insulation being fitted to the outside wall of a house

External Wall Insulation

Considered one of the best types of insulation, External Wall Insulation leaves your home warm, free from condensation and looking like new.

External Wall Insulation, as the name suggests, is fixed to the outside of the dwelling and a certified render system is then applied.
External Wall Insulation
Cavity wall insulation beads

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is done by either building an insulation board into the cavity during construction or by pumping an insulation and adhesive bead into the cavity after construction is finished.
Cavity Wall Insulation
Attic insulation being laid

Attic Insulation

This is the area where the return on an insulation investment is quickest.

A minimum of 300mm (12 inches) of fibreglass insulation is considered a requirement also when applying for external wall insulation by the SEAI better energy homes grants team.
Attic Insulation
Triple glazing window profile

Triple Glazing

New triple glazed windows reduce heat loss and improve looks and reduce sound from busy roads.
An air source heat pump

Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology can improve your return on actual heat investment by up to 400%.

This means that for every €1 you spend on electricity, you get €4 back in heat.

We have recently achieved 520% on a home in Buncrana.
Underfloor heating on a well-insulated floor

Floor Insulation

Some suspended or poorly insulated floors require upgrades. You can cut up to 20% of heat loss in the home by having well-insulated floors.
DRI ECO LC ventilation unit


New ventilation systems ensure the newly retrofitted home has sufficient quality fresh air.
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