B. Donaghey & Sons Ltd have been registered contractors with the SEAI's (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) "Better Energy Homes" scheme since its commencement and have hundreds of completed measures in this time.

The grants aim to bring older, colder and mouldier homes up to current cosy comfortable levels. This can be achieved and part-funded through the energy upgrade schemes we partake in.

We also are aligned with Kingspan Insulation Ireland and have had the benefit of their knowledge and stature in the market. This has benefitted many homeowners through a generous payment option of the grant monies.
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Offsetting your payments

Along with Kingspan Insulation Ireland, we can offset the typical payment of the scheme by reducing the overall amount a homeowner has to source from the outset.

This makes it much easier for our customers to afford the upgrades their homes need.

This is also worth more to you than applying directly to SEAI.

How it works - an example

If you choose both attic and external wall insulation, along with a Building Energy Rating Certificate (BER), this is how it works.

Let's assume a total cost of €16,882. Cost will, of course, vary depending on the size of your home.

This is a detached house.


Work is completed
We make your house warm and cosy with new attic insulation and a fresh new finish to the outside with external wall insulation.


Kingspan Insulation Ireland process paperwork
The grant amount is deducted from your bill, leaving you to pay a much reduced bill of €10,000 (in our example), rather than €16,882.


You save even more
The B. Donaghey & Sons Ltd/Kingspan grant amounts to €6,882 - fully €432 more than applying directly to SEAI.

SEAI grant = €6,450
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Who can apply?

B. Donaghey & Sons Ltd can offer this option at the time of costing your project. That means every homeowner can avail of this benefit!
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