External Wall Insulation

Considered one of the best types of insulation, External Wall Insulation leaves your home warm, free from condensation and looking like new.
People in a warm house
External wall insulation being fitted to the outside wall of a house

No disruption to residents

External Wall Insulation, as the name suggests, is fixed to the outside of the dwelling and a certified render system is then applied.

The process involves fitting 1200mm x 600mm insulation boards over the entire wall area which can be easily accessed ensuring a complete 100% coverage.

With all the work taking place outside, residents can continue with their daily routines inside without disruption.
A woman looking out through a window with rain outside

Giving you a warm, dry home

The end product leaves a newly plastered, thermally efficient building envelope. All or most thermal bridges are removed dramatically reducing heat loss.

The external wall insulation also protects the outside wall from the weather, and also removes the chance of condensation in the home by transferring the condensation point or dew point to the outside of the property.
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