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B. Donaghey & Sons Ltd offer three main insulation types to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Combining all three types will transform your home and save you money.
People in a warm house
External wall insulation being fitted to the outside wall of a house

External Wall Insulation

Considered one of the best types of insulation, External Wall Insulation leaves your home warm, free from condensation and looking like new.

External Wall Insulation, as the name suggests, is fixed to the outside of the dwelling and a certified render system is then applied.
External Wall Insulation
Cavity wall insulation beads

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is done by either building an insulation board into the cavity during construction or by pumping an insulation and adhesive bead into the cavity after construction is finished.
Cavity Wall Insulation
Attic insulation being laid

Attic Insulation

This is the area where the return on an insulation investment is quickest.

A minimum of 300mm (12 inches) of fibreglass insulation is considered a requirement also when applying for external wall insulation by the SEAI better energy homes grants team.
Attic Insulation
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